Mystery of 5 elements
Role game

Game storyline

  • You get to know about a several day long water outage in town. The issue is serious and no one knows the cause. It's the middle of the summer and the heat is especially exhausting.
  • You go to work. Your workplace is in a large auction house. The news of the day is the water outage (luckily at the office you have enough water from Eden) as well as a competition to create Eden's catchphrase.
  • You go down to the warehouse for another bottle - the water cooler "dries up" pretty quickly considering the lack of water in the tap. You accidentally find a secret passage in the warehouse.
  • It leads (via a system of tunnels) to a mysterious underground (cave, corridor with obstacles), where you find the Primeval Water Source as well as its five guardians. You wake them up.
  • The five guardians are ancient gurus, and each of them symbolizes one value: Energy, Health, Concentration, Creativity, and Balance. The harmony between these elements has been disturbed, and the Primeval Water Source is drying up. The Gurus transfer their knowledge to you via fragments of a stone tablet with paintings. For the water to flow again you have to enable a mechanism that is missing five elements. The missing elements are the symbols of the ancient gurus:
    1. Energy – a battery;
    2. Health – water;
    3. Balance – a scale;
    4. Concentration – magnifying glass;
    5. Creativity – human (his thought) – 5. the fifth element turns out to be your character.
  • Your mission is to find the missing elements and disable the mechanism holding up the water.
  • Items that you need during the game can be found in the underground, and your office. You can find hints by reading instructions and wall paintings in the underground. You can get them also from your colleagues and the boss.
  • After finding the missing items you go back to the underground, and place them inside the machine. You turn it on thanks to your creativity and then the town water can flow again.
  • After going back to the office, you will see all the employees next to the water dispenser in the hallway - they are happy that the water is back. Unfortunately due to the whole commotion they couldn't figure out a catchphrase for the competition. Your character tells them about the phrase he has seen on the stone tablets in the underground and it turns out to be a great idea for the competition! You send it and it turns out your team has won!